Miss Strawberry Moon

Burlesque Performer

"Miss Strawberry Moon is a dream to work with and a true professional on stage. A complete star. The audience loved her"

  -Miss Utopia Blossom, Producer ' Sirens', Brighton

"A star in the making! Superb!"

  -Tarquin Gotch, Former VP 20th Century Fox

"Oh my god! That was freaking amazeballs!"

  -Danielle Geurs Producer Of Club Burlesque, Antwerp

"“Batshit crazy! I loved it”"

  -Lolo Brow

Miss Strawberry Moon is an international award winning artist, famed for her highly glamerous, innovative costumes, salacious wit, silly humour and incredible story telling.

Just two years into her career she hit the international circuit, winning awards for both her acts and her costumes, including Miss Pinup Uk 2018-19, 2nd place at The Spectacular Cabaret Festival in Lisbon and Award For Best Costume in Croatia. She also made her TV debut featuring in Channel 4's award winning show, The Posh Frock Show in 2018.

She has been loved by audiences in London, Antwerp, Berlin, Rome, Turin, Croatia, Lisbon and Barcelona.

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